School in Slum

Facts about Rose Flower School

  • Pupils: 100
  • Teachers:
  • Classes: 2
  • Kindergarden: 1

…or how we love to call it: “Anamika’s ChildVision School”. A school amid the slum of Birgunj. There, where children of the “Untouchables”, meaning the people of the lowest caste (Dalits), get access to education. More than 80 percent of children who attend this school are girls. Besides Nepali, English, Math, and other primary education, there is a big focus on education of women about biology and their body. Furthermore, it’s really important to us to give mothers the chance to gain knowledge about their own body. Therefore, regular meetings for women take place.

Recently, about 70 children who live in that slum area attend this school. The aim is to provide education to children from six to 16 years and to protect them from early arranged marriage. As a precondition to school attendance, parents have to agree on not to induce marriage of their daughter (or son) before the age of 20.

Proud school kids in front of the new Slum School building.
Wearing their new school uniform.