School in Prison

Facts of Lotus Flower School

  • Pupils: 150
  • Teachers:
  • Classes: 3
  • Kindergarden: 1

A school, amid Birgunj, in a prison building. Here, children whose parents are imprisoned can go to school. Besides primary education, the children are provided with safety and a daily warm meal.

The school comprises three classes and one preschool group. In total, there are 150 children, who attend school every day. Every day starts with a communal prayer and some gymnastic exercises. At the end of the school day, a communal prayer of thanks will be recited. Afterwards, most of the children go home, to their parent, aunt or uncle.

For some children, their way home leads them to jail. If both mother and father are imprisoned and the child is still young enough, he or she will live with the parents in jail. There, they must experience the horrific everyday life in prison. Our school enables them to escape from it at least for a couple of hours a day and allows them to be a child.

Daily morning prayer at the School in Prison.